Monthly Archives: July 2009

Everyone is doing it

Hello Everyone and welcome to the Woodwardesign blog! It is here that you will find out what our team is doing both professionally and, well, not so professionally. You can check out this page to find out what we are currently working on, what we are doing in our spare time and what is making us smile.

Carrie just got back from Wisconsin where she was visiting family and friends. We can’t wait to hear all about it. She always has great stories to share.

Jeff is preparing himself for a photography workshop taking place in Santa Fe, New Mexico with Keith Carter. We can’t wait to see what he brings back with him. You will be able to hear all about it on his photography blog, http://jeffwoodwardphotography/blog/.

Falyn is going to be laying on the beach reading a good book, whenever mother nature decides to stop showering us with her love… anytime now, really.

As for our design, we just finished working on the new identity for Altiplano, a great store on Elliot Street in Brattleboro.

Here is their new logo. This illustration is the Quetzal which is the national bird of Guatemala. Altiplano makes beautiful fair trade bags and jewelry in Guatemala. They wanted something that would appeal to many people and pay homage to the country that means so much to them.


On the business card we juxtaposed the graphic styled bird with more illustrative flowers. The bird has a strong sense of motion and the way these flowers are positioned give them a similar feel.



A hangtag is put on all their wonderful bags. The flowers are similar to the business card so that there is a recognizable similarity but also differentiates the pieces. By doing this, the design stays fresh and unifies all their materials.

A jewelry card accompanies each piece of jewelry they sell. On the back of the jewelry card, as well as the hangtags, is an explanation of their process and business ethics.

Feel free to leave comments. Thanks for taking the time to look!