Monthly Archives: August 2009

Let’s Integrate

Hello again!

We have been working hard on a number of projects and this particular one is really exciting to share.

For over a year we’ve been working with a renewable energy company called Integrated Solar here in Brattleboro, Vermont. They are fun to work with and we believe in what they are doing.

This is the logo we created for them when we first started our relationship. It symbolizes renewing, recycling, and the elements. They design and install all kinds of renewable energy systems and needed something that illustrated that.

We also designed icons for the systems that they offer. This helps further their brand recognizability and provides the customer with a visual for what the system is.

But this, this is the new and exciting project that we just finished! It is the Integrated Solar website. We incorporated their icons and color palette into a fun and usable sight. Check it out!