Monthly Archives: July 2010

Wicked Sweet Logos

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while and that’s because we’ve been working hard on a number of projects including these exciting logos.

The North Hartland Tool Corporation is growing like crazy and needed to up their game, with a new logo, identity, and website ( This logo symbolizes the company’s attention to detail and quality. They partner with other companies and the logo illustrates this partnership by having a gear within a gear within a gear.

Bodhifit is a sweet new company whose focus is spin and yoga classes. We did all their identity including logos, business cards, signage and website that will be ready to launch this summer. This logo symbolizes movement, strength and power. ( One of the owners loves the logo so much, he had it tattooed on his arm.

We also redesigned the identity for the Nature Museum in Grafton, VT. We had the opportunity to design the original logo six years ago and now the update. The redesign is fun and creates a sense of movement that engages people to be alive with learning.

Along with designing The Nature Museum materials we had the opportunity to design the Pale Blue Dot event materials for them.

Pale Blue Dot was a first-time museum event named after late astronomer Carl Sagan’s description of the Earth upon his seeing a photograph of the planet taken by the crew of Voyager 1.

The design engages people to think about their relationship to the natural world and its resources.

We’re also currently working on a logo, stationery, and signage for Vermont Artisan Designs in downtown Brattleboro. It hasn’t gone public yet, but we’ll be sure to show it to you when it does.

We hope you’re having a great, relaxing and creative summer!