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She Has a Cat Named Moo? Yeah, We’re Sold

Artists get inspired in all sorts of ways. Magazines, fashion, news, life in general. Blogs are also a great way to get inspiration. They are a peak into someone’s head. A blog can expose you to a world that you may never have known.

We stumbled upon a blog (speaking of stumbled upon, have you seen that site? that is full of imagination and color. Whimsy and happiness. Just the kind of inspiration needed during the winter months. The blog is called Color Me Katie. Click on the links Paper and Street Art to see her creative work. It is sure to make you smile.

Hope this colors your winter blues.

Never Take The Top Off A Fast Food Hamburger

Presentation is everything. You know that when something is presented well and professionally, the assumption is that the company, product, or service is of good quality.

Having your design work done by a company who knows the elements of design, pays attention to detail, and takes the time to understand who you are and what your message needs to be is an investment that will pay rich dividends.

A great presentation gets you through the door and sets you apart from and ahead of the competition.

Which burger would you want representing you? Yeah . . . that’s what we thought.

What We Do Works, For Real!

We often get told that our work is beautiful, creative and unique to the client. We get thank yous and develop friendships with our clients. We are told that they get a positive response from customers, students, etc. and our clients come back to us for future projects, and here, on bloggy, we have some hard evidence that what we do works. It was for the Marlboro College Graduate School logo, website, and marketing material. (You can check our work out here :

Well here it is. CSI status. THE evidence:

“Marlboro College Graduate School worked with Woodwardesign to re-brand its print and online materials. One of the primary goals of the new collateral was to drive more traffic to the web. In the 15-month time span following completion of the work, traffic to the web site from new visitors doubled; while both the fall 2010 and winter 2011 intakes experienced their best enrollments in 5 years.

“We conducted a lengthy RFP evaluation before ultimately selecting Woodward. We liked their aesthetic, we liked their process, and we just plain liked them.”

—Chris Lenois, Director of Marketing, Marlboro College

High Five!