Monthly Archives: March 2011

It’s Like New Years Eve Up In Here

At Woodwardesign we like to celebrate things. A great meeting, a completion of a job, warm weather . . . you get the idea. Sometimes we do this with a bottle of champagne. Now we don’t booze it all the time but when it is warranted, we like to acknowledge a job well done. We also like to celebrate with our clients when a job has finished. This is often a lunch out.

Our latest celebration was for a logo presentation. We will show you that logo soon but for now it is top secret. The client loved all the concepts and is really excited about the final choice.

You will have to stay tuned to see the beautiful logo that deserved the clinking of glasses!

Celebrating a job well done keeps up morale and gives us a sense of accomplishment. How do you celebrate?

Better Than An IV of Coffee

Meet the new member of the Woodwardesign team, Bean. We found Bean at the Brattleboro Food Co-op but he originally hails from Dean’s Beans.

He is a dark chocolate covered coffee bean. He adds a great amount of energy to the office when we feel a little sleepy. He makes us happy when we are blue and he makes us all talk a little faster.

He does have family, so if you are looking for someone to add to your office you can find them at the Co-op or at

Okay, we are gonna go run 30 laps around the track now.

With Peppers and Musrooms And…

We have teamed up with a wood-fire pizza catering company named Rigani. We sat down with them to talk about the kind of feel they wanted and who their target audience is.

Fresh, approachable, and sophisticated are the words that were used to sum up Rigani. Our job was to turn those adjectives into a logo that represented them accurately.

We showed them eight concepts, each with a different personality that touched on an aspect of their business.

They narrowed it down to the top two and couldn’t decide. Our next step in the logo process is to place the logos on something to show them in use. For Rigani we placed them on the side of a truck in a photo so they could envision what it would look like in real life. Once that was done the winner was chosen.

Ta Da!

Make sure the check their Facebook page out.
So what do you like on your pizza?