Monthly Archives: April 2011

So Wytty

We are working with an exciting new company. They are smart and understand design. Funny and witty. Just the kind of client we love!

Adroyt is a new social media company that works with design companies all over the world to help them get their word out using social media platforms like Twitter and blogs.

They are savvy, know exactly what they are doing and already have some great clients—and are growing each day.

We were psyched to have the opportunity to work with them on their identity and be a part of such a successful company.

Here it is . . . drum roll . . .

This logo signifies the conversations that adroyt creates for their clients. The elements within the talk bubble illustrate the fact that their social media puts a human face on the company, and leads to dynamic and honest conversations.

They chose to set themselves apart with the different spelling of adroyt because their business is all about the why.

Check out their blog at