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The Importance of a Good Identity

The Importance of a Good IdentityAt Woodward Design we have the opportunity to design different logos for a variety of clients. This is great for us, because work doesn’t become repetitive and it keeps the creativity alive.

Examples of companies we have done work for include a wood-fire pizza company, a yoga and spin studio, a graduate school, a nature museum, a payroll company, a renewable energy company, and a couple retail shops. These are just a few of the business’ that we have had the pleasure to work with.

When creating a logo you don’t only get an image but also a font palette and color palette. This ensures that all other marketing material produced looks similar and that the brand is recognizable. Some companies don’t have a defined font and color palette and when that happens their brand breaks down. For example, Dartmouth College uses a specific green in all their materials. They have complementary colors but if they were to use any colors they wanted, their brand would break down and not hold up to their competitors’.

When concepting a logo we ask the client how they want to portray themselves. Is their company fun and approachable? Is their company more conservative and serious? This sets the tone for the ideas. We research their competitors’ logos to make sure we design something unique to their business but that is inline with what one would expect from a company like theirs.

We come up with roughly six concepts and present them in a way that makes the client understand our choices and the thought behind them. Usually after that, there are few top choices with some changes, and by the second round a winner is chosen. At this point we supply the client with different versions of their logo so it can be used in a variety of venues, provide color and font palettes and a design guideline. This is everything they need to make sure that their brand holds together.

Think about all the brands you know just by their mark. Pepsi, Nike, H & R Block, McDonalds. You know them because of their logo and consistency with branding.

Woodward Design can do that for your company and we are excited about the opportunity!


A Place for Print


Woodward Design loves print material. Designing for clients in locations like southern Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts allows us to work on a wide variety of projects. We create many websites and online promotions, but there is something to be said for a printed piece.

To hold something that is graphically designed in a beautiful way is an experience you can’t get online. Don’t get us wrong. We love designing websites and interactive pieces, but print— print is so real. The way the ink soaks into the paper. The way the paper’s texture feels in your hands. The smell of the production. Print materials like a brochure, magazine, annual report, and a poster have more sense stimulation. It is an all-around experience. And when you have a professional company like Woodward Design creating a piece, the end result is even more enjoyable.

We stumbled upon this video that illustrates the fun of print. Watching it makes you want to open all the charming books. It makes you want to go to that whimsical bookstore, Type, and get lost in the shelves for hours. When you watch this, you can imagine finding the perfect book and curling up in a cozy corner. With a printed book you can highlight passages, bend the corners of the pages, share with a friend and revisit the whole experience again and again with a tangible object.

There is a place in this world for both web and print to exist together. Without the Internet, we wouldn’t have been able to watch this video and share it with you, but without print, this video could never have been.

To read more about the video and its creation you can visit

New Website. New Year.

New Ground WebsiteHey everyone and happy New Year.

Woodward Design has made some New Year’s resolutions and one of those is to have a new website. Check it out at

For those of you who aren’t that familiar with us, we are a design company that does graphic and web design in southern Vermont. Anything you need designed—logos, brochures, websites, packaging, annual reports, magazines, mailing campaigns—we can do.

Our old site was great but sometimes you have to peel the wallpaper off and put on a fresh coat of paint, you know? Woodward Design’s new website displays the work front and center. On the home page our work is pictured with a description and the option to enlarge the photo. Clean, clear and to the point.

All the other great content is there as well, like our client list, about us, and capabilities.

Another thing you may notice is that our colors are different. We are using colors from the Woodward Design color palette but with them have decided to give our logo new life. That is a great way to keep things cohesive but new.

It is good design practice to change and refresh things every few years to make sure that your brand doesn’t become stale or out of date. We encourage our clients to do this and feel it is important to do it ourselves!

What are some of your business’ New Year’s resolutions? Is it time to rethink your brand? Does your website not match up to your competitors? Have you put off a marketing campaign but think it is time to get your name back out there?

We at Woodward Design have started the process. Maybe you should too! Happy New Year Everyone!