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Not just for design geeks

WoodwardDesign is known for our great relationships with our clients, easy-going atmosphere and high quality work. We take our job very seriously when it comes to designing high-quality logos, print materials and websites. But every once-in-awhile we like to take a minute and laugh. provides just that.

It’s a website that collects images from all over that have been Photoshopped in such a ridiculous way that it can’t be ignored. Even if you aren’t a designer, you have to appreciate the stupidity of these images. Below are a few gems.

With concealer like that, who needs plastic surgery? Just mush your face around until you like it.










What in the world were they Photoshopping for this to even happen?















Must have been some reconstructive mishap from a motorcycle accident . . . .















It is so important to pay attention to detail. Even though these images and website provides hours of entertainment, you don’t want your work showing up here.

For a good laugh visit and for great design work visit