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Woodward Design Open House at Gallery Walk

woodward-designDecember 7, 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Woodward Design is celebrating its big move to Brattleboro after doing graphic and web design in Guilford for 20 years! For our very first Gallery Walk, we’re featuring two local artists.

For Jen Wiechers, art is about having fun, playing, discovering and colors, lots of colors. For many years, she has delighted in expressing herself with many different mediums, allowing herself to never have to choose just one! She’ll be sharing her love of color and life through her whimsical paintings and her artisan crafted jewelry.

Falyn Arakelian is a graphic designer at Woodward Design by day and quirky illustrator by night. Come by to see her fun, limited edition prints and holiday cards.

We’re easy to find: just go through the green door at 139 Main (next to the Shoe Tree), go up the first flight of stairs, and we’re on the left at the head of the stairs. We hope you’ll stop by to help us celebrate our move to the big city!

We Are Lucky

We create design that we believe in and are proud of.

All of us at WoodwardDesign are so lucky. We get to do what we love to do, whether it is laying out a new website design, creating concepts for a new logo or coming up with a new marketing campaign. We create design that we believe in and are proud of. Being able to go to work every day and do what you love is such a blessing.

We work with the most amazing people. Our clients make this job fun! We get to laugh and form friendships with our clients. Not everyone gets to say that. We genuinely care about them as people and about their business/school/cause. We want to see them succeed because they are our friends. The range of people we get to work with is also wonderful. All different kinds of people with different stories to tell only enrich our work as well as our lives.

Our location can’t be beat. Brattleboro, Vermont is such a wonderful area. It provides a myriad of artistic inspirations in our bustling town, while giving the gift of nature. We are close to Boston and New York if we need a little city life. We can walk out our back doors and enjoy a long hike in the woods to clear our minds after the workweek. What could be better?

All of us at WoodwardDesign are not only coworkers but also friends. We have worked together for a long time in a cozy space and never a day have we wished to be somewhere else with other people. We support each other, get excited for each other, hurt for each other and love one another. Even though we are very different, coming from different places in the world, we get each other in a way that is very special.

We are so thankful for everything we have! We are truly blessed. Thank you all who have made WoodwardDesign the company it is. Happy Thanksgiving!!



Medicine for the People

New ground branding, design, marketing for Medicine for the People

WoodwardDesign has been working with a great new client on their rebranding. Medicine for the People got in touch with us a few months back looking for a new identity and website. Not only are they providing great services and classes, but they are fun people to work with and have a clear vision for who they are and what they are about.

They already had a tagline—Healthy body, Happy heart—that provided us creative types with lots of concept ideas.  Their mission is “to empower people in their healing process using the art of natural and traditional medicine.” Much of their work is Asian influenced so they were interested in using the color red in their logo and on their website.

As always, we showed several concepts, all touching on something that pertained to who they are, what they do and their mission. You can see the one they selected above. It symbolizes the layers they break through in the body to reach a happy and healthy heart. It also shows that they target their clients’ specific needs in order to help them get better.

medicine-for-the-people-website-designOnce the logo was finalized we got to work on their website, We showed two concepts and the winner really reflects their physical space in Putney: cozy and inviting.

What they did really well was incorporate their brand into their space. They just moved into a beautiful new location and took the color palette right through the whole design.

If you live in the Brattleboro/Putney area you should go to their grand opening this Saturday, November 17 from 4–9 pm. There will be a DJ, refreshments, dancing, raffles and prizes. They are located at 125 Main Street, Putney, Vermont behind the Town Hall. Hope to see you there!