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A Little Creativity Goes A Long Way

A Little Creativity Goes A Long WayA Little Creativity Goes A Long WayThis past Friday we do what we do every year and took a day to reflect on our business. We ask ourselves what jobs were we most proud of? What did we learn this year? How can we be more efficient? What can we do to make work more fun? And so on and so forth.

Sometimes we get out of the office, go to a fun town, visit a great museum and eat yummy food, while discussing these topics. This year we decided to stay in town but to take on an art project. Something that had nothing to do with the computer, but got our creativity flowing.

We decided to write three lists of random words. One list of adjectives, another of body parts, and the third list of whatever nouns came to mind. We then drew one word from each list and had to illustrate what we picked.

Falyn picked wooden, potato, and ovaries, while Carrie got damaged, egg, gallbladder. Yup . . . .

We had an amazing time sketching and drawing freely. Letting whatever we wanted to do happen, happen. It was a laid-back atmosphere for expressing our creativity as well as talking thoughtfully about business moving forward.

Can you guess which one is which?

Who is Woodward Design: Falyn

Falyn is the art director at New groundFalyn has been with Woodward Design for seven years. She loves what she does and the people she gets to work with. The variety of clients, the myriad of jobs and the fun atmosphere makes her want to come to work every day.

She is a native to the Brattleboro area and moved back here after getting her BFA at The Art Institute of Boston. She couldn’t stay away from her family, friends, and the fresh air.

When Falyn isn’t designing, she is reading, taking a spin class, lying on the beach, watching movies, spending time with her loved ones, snuggling with her kitty, or adding to her jewelry collection.

The reason she loves design is because she believes she is helping people’s eyeballs. That is right, eyeballs. Since everything in this world needs to be designed, her philosophy is why not have it be designed well. Function and beauty are achievable and that is what she wants to put out into the world, something that does its job well and looks good while doing it.

Does Paper Really Matter?

What you desire from your paper.

You could have an award-winning design, but if the paper choice is wrong, it could ruin the whole thing.

Not all paper is created equal. Nor are there only the choices of, white or off-white. There are many different kinds of papers, finishes, degrees of environmentally conscious, varnishes, shades, textures and the list goes on.

Say you are a photographer and you are creating a brochure to highlight your work. The choice of paper would be very important.

Depending on the mood of your photography would depend on the paper tint you would choose. If a white stock has a slight yellow cast to the paper, it will cause photos to appear warm. The opposite goes if the sheet is running on the blue side.

Having a new sheet, or virgin sheet, might be important. This is a paper that has no recycled material in it and has never been used before. The reason we say you might want to use that is because recycled and post-consumer stocks can contain flecks in the paper from the recycling process. A photographer may find this upsetting to his photos if a piece of matter is in picture where it shouldn’t be.

Then comes the question of matte, gloss, or uncoated paper. For a photographer, I would most likely choose a gloss or satin finish to a paper. The reason being, this kind of finish holds the ink on the surface. Allows the colors to and photos to shine. If you go with an uncoated stock the ink sinks into the paper creating a softer and muted look. While that can be desirable for many jobs, a photographer would want their photos to show as clearly as possible.

What kind of presence do you want? Do you want the stock to be heavy and substantial? Do you want it light and delicate? This is where the decision of paperweight comes in. Another thing to think about if the piece is being mailed. The weight of the overall piece affects mailing cost and you have to factor that in when choosing a weight.

Are you overwhelmed yet? Because we could keep going. No need to be if you are. There are many things to think about just in paper choice when designing a printed piece, but once you decide what kind of design you are going for, the feeling, look, need, you can start to check off what you desire from your paper.