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Mixing Business with Pleasure

We took in a great exhibit at the Fleming Museum called High Trash.Woodward Design took a trip up to Burlington a couple weeks ago for a business trip. We were meeting with a potential client and decided to turn the trip into something a little more than work, work, work.

We took in a great exhibit at the Fleming Museum called High Trash. It was all about, well, trash, and the affect it has on our world. Almost every piece was made up of “trash” and was reused and made into a thoughtful art form. This exhibit got us thinking, both environmentally as well as artistically. If you in the area we highly recommend going. It is running until May 19.

We also took an obligatory walk around Church Street and admired Ben & Jerry’s from afar. Carrie purchased some sweet purple sunglasses while Falyn ogled some really cool earrings from a line called Polli.

We of course went to our meeting, which was a great one, and then headed home. It was a long day, but a really fun and productive one. Isn’t that how all days should be?


Who is Woodward Design: Chris

Chris is a classically trained print designer who caught the “Web” bug and never looked back.Chris is a classically trained print designer who caught the “Web” bug and never looked back. As a professional web developer for Woodward Design, he has worked with integrating many social platforms such as Flickr, Twitter and Facebook into a unified platform. He is an active contributor to several open-source CMS projects, with his current favorite being WordPress.

He is a native of Connecticut and moved to Brattleboro with his wife and two daughters after getting his MFA from UCONN.

His favorite things? Tinkering with solar projects, baking bread, building furniture, and gardening with his two daughters.

Advice? Nothing is impossible, it just takes time.

What Inspires Us?

So many things in the world can inspire us.Ever listen to a song and get completely transported to a different time? Maybe it is a moment from your childhood, or maybe it is just a feeling that washes over you, and it changes your mood in an instant.

Is there a person that whenever you are around them, your whole world becomes electrified? The sky is a more vivid blue and the birds are alarmingly more joyful.

When you get home from a long day at work and put on your favorite sweatshirt, do you become immediately relaxed?

I hope you answered yes to at least one of these questions; otherwise you are sitting there saying what are the kids at Woodward Design ON?

But, seriously, we are affected by our surroundings. Everything affects us, even if we aren’t aware of it. The smallest change can lift us up or bring us down.

Being designers we have to be more alert to what is happening around us. That is how we stay current, keep on top of the next thing and continue to have audiences engaged in what we are doing. Because of this heightened sense, so many things in the world can inspire us.

Of course we are in awe of other designer’s work. We flip through Communication Arts pointing, laughing, sighing, and moaning about all the work we wish we had come up with. But, inspiration doesn’t come just from other’s ideas.

A crack in an old building, an elderly couple holding hands, steam from a coffee cup, and the list goes on. Anything can spark an idea, an emotion, a thought, and a feeling that can lead to the creation of work. You just have to be open to accepting the world around, in, so that it can translate itself, out.

Everything, is the answer. Broad, overwhelming and completely exciting.

Who is Woodward Design: Carrie

Carrie runs the ship at New Ground.Carrie runs the ship at WoodwardDesign. Her philosophy is Work Hard, Play Hard, and Laugh a Lot (WHPHLL)! Relationships are important to her, and she believes in doing business in a way that respects, strengthens, and brings joy to everyone involved.

Her favorite things? Traveling (anywhere & everywhere), autumn & summer weather, vintage clothes, the color orange, ice cream, music, camping, swimming, being creative, meeting new people, and napping.

Advice? Learn to laugh at yourself and try not to take yourself too seriously.