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Try Creating and See What Happens.

We are ready to make something from within ourselves that we can express outside ourselves.Remember when you were a kid and an adult, whether it was a teacher, your mom, or a babysitter, would draw squiggly lines on a piece of paper and give it to you with crayons to fill in the circles? Please tell me you do and that isn’t just something that existed in our little worlds.

Anyways, the point here is that we were creating something out of nothing. It was a simple project (maybe to only occupy us into silence) that in the end gave our young minds a sense of accomplishment and creativity.

These days, our clients are the ones giving us a creative problem to solve. How do we reflect who their company is with an image? How do we fit all that copy into an attractive and easy to read format? What structure would best serve their website? This is our modern day “filling in the circles.”

Sometimes, however, we need to create off the computer. Something with our hands. Something that uses a different kind of creativity. And sometimes we don’t even know what it might be when we start.

Carrie loves to sing and play guitar. That is an outlet that opens up a different way of being inspired. She also writes music. You can’t get more creatively raw then when you sing and play a song you have written.

Falyn finds solace in the medium of charcoal. Starting with a blank sheet, and covering it with black to form an image that is unique to her is a rewarding experience.

When we start, either with a pen or piece of charcoal in hand, we don’t necessarily know where the journey is going to take us. All we know is we are ready to make something from within ourselves that we can express outside ourselves.

We suggest you try it.

Four Cool Things!

Cool stuff that is going on in the Brattleboro area right nowWoodward Design thought it would be fun to tell you about cool stuff that is going on in the Brattleboro area right now, or neat things we have recently stumbled upon. No, no, we aren’t including ourselves as two of the cool things. You probably wouldn’t continue to read if we did anyways.

The Women’s Film Festival is going on right now and Carrie went to see a couple of the films. We spent an entire lunch talking about how well done they were, how powerful the messages are, and how much the stories impacted the audience. It is running through March 17, at the New England Youth Theatre in Brattleboro. If you get a chance, check it out!

The Stray Birds are playing at the Hooker-Dunham Theater & Gallery March 14. They are an amazing acoustic band with a folk flavor. If you are into that kind of music this is a show to see. The tickets are $16 for general admission and $14 for students and seniors. Their debut cd was named one of the top 10 Folk/Americana albums of 2012 by National Public Radio. . . . so, yeah.

We are design geeks. Comes with the territory of being designers. Oh, you are going to be a graphic designer? Then you will automatically find little chips of colored paper, with an acronym of PMS, that more describes a woman’s monthly nightmare than a color, VERY interesting. Hence, our love of Pantone color books, chips, swatches etc. That meant when we found David Schwen’s Pantone Pairings, we couldn’t contain ourselves. Funny, brilliant and right up any designer’s alley.

The Memoir Project is where 500 people sign up to hand write in a book about their life or a moment in time. Where people share something about themselves that will forever be kept with other’s snapshot of life. The books will travel around in a mobile library until they reach their permanent home at the Brooklyn Art Library. If you are near Brooklyn, San Francisco, or D.C. I would look into being apart of that. There are only a couple spots left.

What cool things have you found lately?

Listening Goes A Long Way

Before we start the creative process we sit down with our client and get to know them.We received a great compliment from a client today about how well we listen and ask the right questions.

Our job is more than creating beautiful designs, but a partnering with our clients. Relationships are important to us, and we believe in doing business in a way that respects, strengthens and brings joy to everyone.

There are many ways nowadays to get a website or a logo done, but that doesn’t mean it is done with meaning, integrity, or with the client in mind.

Before we start the creative process we sit down with our client and get to know them. What sets them apart? Who are their competitors? What is the image they want to portray? What do they like? What do they not like? What features, functions or materials do they need?

All of this is important to deliver a design that is representative of whom they are as a business or organization. Yup, you can go online and get a template website and plug in a generic logo for half the price, but it is going to have no reflection of your spirit. The adage, “You get what your pay for” exists for a reason.

Woodward Design wants our clients to thrive and we know that thoughtful design and marketing materials have so much to do with that. But you can’t achieve that without knowing whom you are designing for. That is what you get with us, excellent skill coupled with the desire to understand everything about you.

So come in, we’re all ears.