Monthly Archives: January 2014

It’s a New… Year

New Ground takes a look back at 2013 resolutionsIf we were the kind of people who say, “OMG,” we would currently be saying “OMG!” (but we’re not those kind of people so don’t roll your eyes). 2013 was a fantastic, hectic, excellent year and we’re looking forward to some great things in 2014.

First off, a look back. We have finished our first year under the rule of our new benevolent overlord. She only occasionally requires tribute and her initial expectation of being referred to as “Her royal highness, Carrie, lord of New Ground” has faded in recent months. All kidding aside, we’ve been carrying forward the things that made us successful for the past 20 years and putting some new things in the mix to start to look at where we’re going over the next 20 years.

One of those new things in the mix is a new employee. Joe Heslin started up part-time this past year and is now a somewhat more permanent fixture in the office. Speaking of offices, we are finishing up our first year in our new digs as well. If you feel like you’re being watched as you walk down Main Street, it’s not the NSA, it’s us looking down from the second floor of the Hooker-Dunham building. From our perch here, we’ve had a front row seat for the Brooks House renovation. (Look for the Brooks House’s new logo and, yes, this is a shameless plug because we designed it). The Brooks House is a good indication that this has been a big year for more than just us and we couldn’t be happier to see Brattleboro on the rise.

One other little thing. We are going to be taking some of our own advice and rebranding ourselves. Keep an eye out for our new name here in this new year (and, no, it’s not Carrie Design). Right now, it’s still top secret and only we employees… and the NSA, maybe… know what it is. We’re really excited about it and you will be too, we hope.