Monthly Archives: June 2014

Walking on the Morningside of the Street

Morningside the Game of Giving Back CoverThis year, Morningside Shelter is celebrating 35 years of helping the homeless. For the last few years, we’ve been working with Morningside to create their annual reports, but we wanted to go in a bit of a different direction this year.

Josh and Libby, the core of the team that makes Morningside a reality, have the unique goal of putting themselves out of a job. They are devoted to this issue and want to, not just treat the symptoms, but actually end homelessness.

To that end, we wanted to take their understanding of an annual report and turn that on its head. Rather than the classic approach of financials, profiles, staff photo and donor lists, we took a look at how we could celebrate Morningside’s 35th year through, and by, engaging the community to participate in being a part of the solution.

We came up with The Game of Giving Back. Using a list of activities each month that the Brattleboro community can get involved in, we created a folding game board that let’s people do more than write a check—come read to the kids at the shelter, help with spring cleaning, join Morningside for their hiking and camping fundraisers. The idea is that homelessness is pervasive and complex but that we can actually do something to end it, all year long.

We were, and continue to be, so thrilled about working with Morningside on meeting its mission and for the faith that Josh, Libby and the Morningside board placed in us to try something new. This is why we got into design and marketing in the first place: to come up with real-world creative solutions for our clients and our community.

Design and Art

doodle of design-beauty-art connectionDesign and art aren’t the same thing. Though the lines are a bit blurry, we’ve found that design is often informed by purpose or requirements while art is often informed by evocation and communication…

Let the “You, sir, are an idiot!” begin.

The reality is that everyone has their own definition of art and trying to come up with a universal one is futile. That’s why I used the words “informed by.” We design things for a client and their needs and we do so in a way that can certainly be “artful,” but it must be a mechanism for our clients. Maybe this is overly idealistic but we like to think that art is often created for its own sake.

All of that aside, as we are—at our heart—a design firm, we still find a tremendous amount of inspiration and joy in things that are just beautiful. And that sense of joy is the shared ground of design and art.

Here, therefore, is a short and lovely piece of Beauty to bring you a bit of joy today.