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Why Do You Do That?

Apr15blogpicAre you pleased with what you’re doing? Do you get ready for work with an eyeroll or a chuckle? Are you just biding time or are you actively participating in your own growth and excellence? Maybe the best question is, “What the hell does this have to do with design, branding or marketing?” That question, I’m pleased to say, I can answer:

Not much. Or maybe everything.

We work with a lot of clients that we define as mission-driven. Everything from a local bank to any number of our nonprofit customers to almost any of the entrepreneurs/startups we’ve worked with. Each of these ventures’ missions are built by their employees. What we find, however, is that there is sometimes a real disconnect between an organization’s great work and the individual employees’ feelings about their own work. Why is this and can it be changed?

The world of work is in flux and we want to both model and advocate for this change. We live in absolutely the greatest of times, yet there is a feeling among many that they are doing a thankless and ever more high-stress job. To fix this thinking starts at both the top and the bottom. As we are fortunate enough to live in an age of unprecedented access to information, we’re seeing that a great idea has no seniority, age, nationality, or gender. We are all, each of us, empowered to increase our own excellence and that of our employers. The only factors required for this are a culture open to listening and learning, and employees who feel valued and engaged in success.

At New Ground, Carrie is the owner but she doesn’t take the traditional “boss approach.” She realizes that everyone here is able to lead at different times and we know that we can put an idea out there that might be a game changer. If you don’t have that in the place where you are a leader, it’s time to make a change before you lose the best and brightest. If the organization in which you work doesn’t value you beyond the work they assign you, start looking for something more.

We often tell clients that great marketing is about making more than customers, it’s about making evangelists; but, you can’t evangelize your customers if you haven’t evangelized your employees. Great brands aren’t only made with logos and websites, they are made with great people. Let us take care of the logos and websites and you take care of your people.