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HOW Conference 2015

HOW-Conference-2015Carrie and Falyn went to the 2015 HOW Conference, while David and Joe stayed in the boring, dull office with jealousy in their hearts… I mean, we were so happy for them that they had the opportunity to partake in HOW (sigh).

Carrie introduced Laura Foley and Tom Tumbusch, two badasses, during their talk on Marketing Your Freelance Business. Which was nice because she got to plug New Ground to a room full of awesome.

HOW splits its sessions into different tracks, so Falyn got super-inspired by attending the creative lectures while Carrie spent most of her time in the business track—keeping up-to-date on the changing dynamics of our industry.

There were an abundance of AMAZING speakers, including Simon Sinek and Tina Roth Eisenberg. The level of encouragement, inspiration, and awesomeness present at the conference was nearly migraine-causing (but, like, in a good way).

HOW-Conference-2015-ChicagoNot only did the ladies return creatively rejuvenated, but they were able to relax and soak in the beautiful city of Chicago in their spare time (there may have been additional shenanigans). They were so excited to have made new connections and relationships with people from around the world that they only slightly minded coming back to Joe and David.

We at New Ground Creative look forward to continuing our involvement in the HOW Design Conference.

Will we see you next year? In case we did not have the opportunity to connect with you at the event, please reach out to us and say hello.


Yay Us! We’re Brattleboro, Vermont’s Best of the Best.

Carrie with Best of the Best 2015Ok, it’s time to brag a little bit. We are thrilled to have been awarded another ‘Best of the Best’ award from Market Surveys of America. Our team has been voted Greater Brattleboro’s Best Web Design Service for the second year running (as Woodward Design, we won a bunch too so this is like utter domination).

We are touched and humbled (forget the “domination” thing above) by the support of our Brattleboro, Vermont community. We love this place and think it’s an excellent example of humanity at it’s best. There is no place that we’d rather be. (take THAT, Keene. Boom!)

For Market Surveys of America’s full list of Brattleboro, Vermont’s ‘Best of the Best’ winners, please click here.

Here is a shout out to some other local winners:
Vernon Green Nursing Home – Best Nursing Care (15 years running)
Brattleboro Area Realty – Best Real Estate Agency (13 years running)
Woodward Photography – Best Photography Studio (5 years running)
Barrows & Fisher Oil Co. – Best Heating Oil/Service (2 years running)
Jasmine Day Spa – Best Massage Therapy (1st year)

If you’re local to Brattleboro (or Taiwan or Alaska…), we would love to connect with you. Please reach out and say hello. We don’t bite. (besides Joe. He bites. Sometimes.)

Mobile Search: Google’s Mobilution

New Ground's website on mobileWell folks, anyone who thought that all this smartphone-y and tablet-ing mobile usage was just a fad (I’m looking at you, John), the jury is in and—spoiler alert—you were wrong.

“Mobileggedon,” also known as Google’s April update, is now a reality and there’s a fundamental shift in how they treat non-responsive sites (see our January 8th post). In this update, they have decided to start burying non-responsive website results in mobile searches. This makes sense, as many sites don’t look good and can be hard to use if they are just the desktop site on a small device. Even more, over half of all searches are on mobile devices now and that will probably only increase as time goes on (just as a note, the “mobile tipping point,” where mobile overtook desktop searches, happened in 2014; thus why Google pushed this update).

Responsive is more important, and more globally usable, than a mobile-specific site. For those of you who didn’t read the January post, responsive means that the site is configured, generally, on a box system that can unstack and restack depending on the size of the device and its orientation (portrait or landscape). for an example, pull up this site (it’s a little too easy to pick on the government, but…). Now grab and pull the right side of the window to narrow it. Do this with New Ground’s and you’ll see it compress and stack. When you do the same with, it will reduce the spaces on the side but, when it gets to the content border, it just starts to disappear.

Is it fair that Google is doing this? Umm, no comment… But it does really make sense. If most people are searching on mobile devices and that majority is not being well-served by your content, then it makes sense to put other sites’ (readable, clickable, usable, optimized) content ahead of yours.

Don’t get buried in search results; we can help. (Shameless plug)