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Our New Face Represents New Ground

Branding, Design, Messaging

It was a year as of March 2015 that Woodward Design became New Ground Creative and it’s been an exciting ride. As our staff and capabilities have expanded, our business has grown tremendously. This has given us the tools to aggressively take NEW GROUND (you get it now, right?). We are no longer strictly a design house, but a marketing firm that specializes in design, branding, and messaging. Branching out into the greater world of marketing has been pretty awesome. And as our business grew, so did our website.

Our new website represents the new face of New Ground Creative. Don’t get us wrong, our old site wasn’t bad—it was great—but we had outgrown it. Solidifying who we are has been exciting and because of that we wanted to share our message in a way that better represents who we have become.

The importance of a user-friendly, informative, and beautifully designed website can’t be stressed enough. According to IronPaper, 94% of people admit that design is the reason they reject or mistrust a website (that sure is a lot…). They also found that 67% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a website that is compatible with mobile devices. With those odds, who can afford to have a sluggish, poorly designed website?

New Ground Creative has been building brands for over 20 years. We’ve brought invaluable solutions into existence for non-profits, businesses, and institutions (sorry, we ran out of humble pie). Our collaborative approach involves our entire group (where everyone takes turns leading and following), our exceptional clients, and the team of highly trained monkeys Google keeps dispatching to deal with situations. YUP, THAT’S RIGHT. Alright, maybe not the last part.

Ok, we’ll stop bragging and leave you with this thought—Do you truly believe your message is communicated properly? Is your website designed in a way that is trustworthy, visually appealing, and effective? If you answered no to any of those, give us a buzz and let us help you with that. We’ve been through the process not only with many organizations but with ourselves. We kind of know what we are doing.