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Cross-functional Teams in the Creative Process

cross-functional-teamsWhat are cross-functional teams? What do they look like? How do they operate?

An overly simplistic, textbook definition of a cross-functional team is a dedicated group of individuals from different areas within a company that is tasked with a common goal and/or initiative. These people will collaborate to accomplish tasks that they couldn’t finish individually.

New Ground Creative believes that collaboration is the difference between good and amazing. Our core team is exclusively cross-functional in approaching our clients’ projects—at any time, we’ll each take turns leading, following, brainstorming, creating, reviewing, and editing. Great teams are all about the riff, rather than the rift. We like and respect each other to boldly and vulnerably throw ideas in and out as we look for solutions.

Vulnerability and respect are the binary stars of any great cross-functional team as creativity is born from not knowing and ambiguity. These are uncomfortable concepts that create the right conditions for new ways to understand a problem and innovative ways to solve it. Coming to a situation with a preconceived solution feels like knowing and certainty—which feel pretty good—but they mean you are bringing some solution, not searching for the (right, best, most amazing) solution.

In addition to the internal collaboration within New Ground, our clients play a critical role in developing solutions. In our client relationships, we bring that same respect and if you’re curious, you can learn more about our process here.

If you appreciate this process, give us a call, tell your friends, write a song, build a monument…whatever floats your boat. With each project, our capabilities are expanding. For over 20 years we’ve been building brands that challenge the status quo, create lasting impressions, and return verifiable results to our clients.

Is your company’s message communicated effectively? We’d love to bring you into our cross-functional team to re(de)fine your company’s vision, passions, and excellence.

TLDR: New Ground is a tornado of collaborative awesome.