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The Miracle of Life


That’s right! We’re talking about the BIG stuff here:


Ok, yes, we know. Kind of a bold title, non? But what is “the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything?” We don’t actually know but we do know that a new life has come into this wacky, Brattleborovian Branding shop of “Hollah!”’s and we are embracing that in our own wacky, New Groundy way.

Carrie and Chad welcomed a new life into the world, but they’re letting you (YES! YOU) dear reader name this young child. Can you believe it. I’m pretty sure that I don’t even believe it. What trendsetters. What badasses!


Here are some details:

  • She is only a little over absolutely no years old.
  • She has tremendously well developed lungs (as you may have heard).
  • She is a she.
  • She has not seen the Grand Canyon yet, or Joe (both because they’re too scary).
  • She has not yet determined her favorite food, color, animal, etc. (right? no clues).
  • She has a little hair on her head (think: more than Charlie Brown, less than Falyn)
  • She appears to be tremendously stubborn (shock, I know).
  • She can’t be effectively Googled yet so she almost doesn’t exist.

So, please send in your favorite names to be considered. The winning name will be given to the aforementioned “she,” AND—and this is a really big and exciting “and”—the selected name will be tattooed on the left upper arm of each of the New Grounders. Can you friggin’ believe it? This is so exciting.

We hope that you all are having a great time as we move into fall. Hopefully this namerific contest will make you feel pretty OK with the fact that summer is over and winter’s but a few flakes away.

Send all your ideas to with the subject line Name that Lil’ Baby!

p.s. – Please do not suggest Ember Simmons as that has been taken already.