Monthly Archives: October 2015

Presenting in Stowe: Association of Fundraising Professionals

Hello dear reader. How are you? I’m sorry, it’s tough to hear you way up on this pedestal of awesomeness. That’s right, reader-friend, both Carrie and Joe have been asked to speak at the Association of Fundraising Professionals of Northern New England (or AFP-NNE for those acronymaphiles out there).

As you may know, with the birth of New Ground Creative, we made official what had been in the works for some time by becoming a brand-centric organization rather than a design-centric one (though we continue to create great design work). With this shift, we’ve seen even more work come to us from the nonprofit sector and they are nearly always in the business of development work. “Development” is another word for Fundraising. So, what are we gonna talk about, you may ask. Good question and we’re thrilled you asked.

Carrie’s talk will be titled: Is the Annual Report Relevant Anymore? (Yes)

The basic, venerable nonprofit annual report, though still generally required, has lost some of its luster as we have moved more fully digital and younger donors care less about reading through the minutiae of financials and staff. Annual reports have grown in relevance in this past decade with the increased focus on including storytelling within them. Storytelling can make a basic annual report be more tangible and solid. How do we move from “solid” to “great” though? This workshop will focus on rethinking annual reports as a means to powerfully represent, and advance, your mission. This takes a bit of creativity but, by investing this time, you will set the tone and agenda for the year’s fundraising and marketing in an integrated and intentional way.

Joe’s presentation will be: Messaging Your Mission

Marketing is often considered a dirty word in the nonprofit sector. That said, whereas businesses need to focus their marketing almost exclusively on the consumer, nonprofits have a number of constituent groups to reach out to—donors, partners, the community, and clients. To add greater complexity, many nonprofit’s do not have a cohesive message to arm their stakeholders to advocate for them. How do we tie our messaging together in a way that’s engaging, dynamic and true? The basis for these communications is what we want to focus on in this workshop:
   a. Creating a common vernacular for the What, Why, and How of the organization.
   b. Building cohesion in the communication of your organization’s value and values.
   c. Developing a framework and tools to engage stakeholders.

Sounds fantastic, non? If you want to come and join us, sign up for it here. It’s on November 4th and 5th.