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Holiday Cards—Still a Good Idea?

2014 Holiday CardHappy Thanksgiving all of you (dozen or so) readers! When we were sitting around the Thanksgiving table this past Thursday—with a few slices of cage-free, hormone-free, organic turkey for Carrie; a giant salad with a tiny slice of turkey for Falyn; and a 43lb. turducken for Joe—we gave thanks for each of you.

So, how do we show our appreciation for you guys? In fact, how do you all show your appreciation to your clients, friends, families and fans? The answer for many of us is found in the venerable holiday card. (By the way, don’t you think these holiday cards are beta versions of the “likes” that we’ve come to so deeply desire/disdain in our social media? We all know those people who tape every card to their mantel to show, through sheer bulk, how beloved they are…with their daughter’s handmade—I luv yu Papa—card hanging next to “Dear Kmart shopper, our family sends your family glad tidings this…”blah blah blah. Sheesh.)

So what makes a good holiday card? Here’s what we think:

  • Innocuous: Now is not the time to make a statement. Be nice. Be complimentary. Things like, “I know you don’t believe in the Baby Jesus but he died for your sins so enjoy your presents while it lasts, sinner!” aren’t going to be received as well as you might like. (I’m talking to you, Uncle Frankie.) Try something closer to, “Thinking of you and wishing you joy this holiday season.” Nice n’ Easy.
  • Visual: Don’t write too much. Let a nice picture and a simple tagline do all the “saying” for you. After all, the recipient is on your list and you like them enough to pay the ridiculous postage (Half a buck? Really?), so that’s good, right? If you’re a business, try to entertain the recipient. They get enough wreath and red candle cards to regrow a forest. Think funny but with heart.
  • Guilt-free: One of our favorite homeless shelters in town asked us to help come up with a card and we all immediately agreed, “No poverty porn and no guilt.” This means, no starving children with a message of “Hope you enjoy your holidays and feasts as others die of hunger, you cheap bastard!” Stay positive and joyful.
  • Audience-specific: We like a good off-color joke as much as the next person, but remember that there is a slight chance (very slight, really) that someone may actually read your card so let’s keep it PG, folks. Thus, avoid the scatological, suggestive, lewd or controversial if at all possible. Comments on Santa’s use of the reindeers’ straps the other 364 days of the year might be best left unsaid. Just a thought.

So, there are some ideas for you. We love you all. Keep an eye out for our card coming to a mailbox or inbox near you very soon.