Monthly Archives: March 2016

Color Me Bad(d)

colorsIf you get that reference, chances are you are older than 30 or have a strong propensity toward early ’90’s R&B. Either way, no judgement. Moving on.

Everything we see, smell, hear or touch gives us a reaction. Sometimes we are highly aware of what that reaction is, say when you smell baking cookies . . . But other reactions aren’t obvious to us. We aren’t aware that while our conscious mind isn’t affected, our subconscious one is.

That is something we pay close attention to when designing. There are many implications to shapes, straight or curved lines, and even the way paper feels in your hand. In this post, however, we will be talking about color.

Have you ever wondered why fast food restaurants almost all use the color red? Red signifies a lot of things: passion, rage, warmth, loudness, but it also has an actual affect on your physiology. It makes you hungry!

What about spas? Ever notice how much green is used in logos for this field of work? Soft green has a calming feeling to our psyches.

Part of our research when we have a new client is we ask them to give us adjectives that describe how they want to be perceived. So if a client says bold, fun, creative we would choose colors that brought that out in a person. If they say prestigious, reliable, knowledgeable, that would incur a completely different set of colors.

An easy mistake one can make when creating a brand is choosing colors solely based on preference. This only means that the one person who is designing is arbitrarily picking colors off what they like rather than making an informed choice on a look that will appeal to the correct audience.

Start taking a look around. See what colors a company chooses to incorporate in their logo and materials and then see if how those colors make you feel aligns with how they are trying be. Hopefully, if done right, it will resonate.

Win, Lose, and Draw


Sometimes everyone in the office hits a wall at the same time and we need a break from our respective roles. When that happens we do something fun and creative to get us back on track. The doodles above are the result of one of those times.

Our task: Create the cutest creature using features from a snake, prairie dog, turtle, owl and lion. We know, completely random, but that is why this works so well. We each took  5 minutes brainstorming and sketching. Once the time was up we compared our animals. It seems as if the “cute” factor was forgotten about on a couple of these. . . .

This exercise gave us a good laugh, a quick break, a smile on our faces and a renewed energy to continue with our work. Seems like a win to us.

We are visual and written problem solvers and we love what we do. Every once in a while, however, we need a fun jump start to get the creative waves moving again. We’ve found that these little exercises breed inspiration and fun and that is what we are all about.

The next time you and your office mates are struggling to stay focused, break out the pens and paper, come up with a silly challenge and watch what transpires both on and off the paper.