Monthly Archives: May 2016

Put Your Money Where Your Values Are


Last year, during NGC’s annual retreat (it’s a party!), we set a goal to create a campaign that spanned channels and was actually cool. Here we are, a little less than a year later, and we’ve launched just such a campaign for our wonderful client, the venerable, Brattleboro Savings & Loan.

As we had intended, the campaign is deeply rooted in the strategic work we did for the bank—coming up with messaging and communications that speak to the Bank’s high points and the points of greatest concern of its potential customers; what we call the Amplifiers and Answers. Once we had these in place, we matched it with a BA&L ad we’d created around “Said no one, ever.” and voila! Campaign.

Of course, voila! is French for “This is where a ton of hard work and coordination happens to lead to any semblance of success.”

We had a great time though: taking pictures of cast members of the reality show known as Brattleboro; creating relatable statements of disbelief that allow us to show how BS&L is a truly local and different bank; and coordinating on social media, print, partners, clients, and employees to get the word out to the community that this is a bank that allows you to Put Your Money Where Your Values Are.