Holidays 2016: Be Well and Be Merry


It’s December! Yep. Technically December is one of the longest months with 31 days, but every year it’s like “Wow. It’s December! (blink) Happy New Year!” Maybe the holidays have a way of accelerating time. It can feel like the high speed chase at the end of an action movie—accelerating through gatherings, gift giving, and precious moments with family and friends and then you pull the emergency break and drift into the New Year. Am I right? Whether it’s the holidays or any other reason, it’s stressful. Your brain is keeping track of so much and we all need occasional breaks in order to maintain our health and productivity.

So what a perfect time of year to share New Ground Creative’s Thoughts on How to Give your Noggin some Chill Time. Here are some ways we pause, mix it up, and chillax.

Carrie is wicked zen. She meditates and does yoga because she knows mindfulness is what’s up when it comes to keeping your cool through stressful times. You may also see her pop into a local gallery during her work day as a way of sparking inspiration. Changing up her environment also helps her recharge for the rest of the day.

Carrie and Falyn are not only co-workers, they are super good friends (I know, too stinkin’ cute). They both have a touch of Snow White in them. Carrie likes to sing or go for walks in the woods to decompress and Falyn likes to play with her animal friends. We hope that someday you get to hear the sound that Falyn makes when she sees a cat or dog. She also likes to prepare a new recipe to ensure she is nourished and from time to time a quick nap does just the trick to hit the reset button.

Falyn and Biz share a love of 90s R&B and hip-hop, they can both be found, earbuds in, be-bopping at their desks. When Biz needs to give her brain a break, she tries to connect more intentionally with her body by walking or stretching. Particularly stressful days may very well require a fierce model walk. She also relies on good old fashioned breathing to get centered. She finds that taking 3 deep breaths while smiling can turn her whole day around.

And then there’s Joe. When it comes to finding ways of handling stress and overwhelm, Joe believes that not listening to Morrissey or watching Requiem for a Dream is a super good start. Drinking alone, say, or crying yourself to sleep while mumbling “Four years? Four friggin’ years?” can also be attractive—yet unideal—ways to find that happy, stress-free place.

(I’m gonna go check in on Joe. While I’m away…) take a moment to try one of these (un)strategies and we wish you well on your holiday journey. We can’t control every little thing that will happen, but we can be aware of our response to it all. By making solid efforts to take care of ourselves we will be strong in the face of it all.

Be well and be merry, y’all!

Photo by Kelly Fletcher

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