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Our new intern, Patrick, working in the New Ground Office.

Hey hey! We got a minion! INTERN… we mean intern.

His name is Patrick and he is a student at Keene State. He answers to Patrick, Pat, or Sir Intern McMakesart. Imagine being a young lad in design school and you land an internship with the motley crew of New Ground Creative. He is #grateful to say the least. I mean, what’s not to love? First off, his supervisor is the Queen of Darkness, Protector of Kitty Cats. Falyn now spends much of her time perched in her office chair, tenting her fingers and quietly laughing to herself. When asked about our new intern she said, “I’m super enthusiastic about having a positive influence on a student in my field.” Side note: did you know Falyn can raise just one eyebrow like a Bond villain? Cool trick, huh?

We were really impressed with Patrick’s portfolio when he interviewed with us. His ability to take an idea and create alternate variations of it is mind boggling. He kind of hit the ground running with us, but we took some time to ask him some questions in hopes of getting to know the real Patrick. Here is what we learned.

How did your path lead you to studying design?

I have always loved drawing and illustration since I was a child and knew I wanted to continue making art in the future. When I was in high school I took my first graphic design class and loved it. I continued on to designing in college, always trying to push myself to try my hardest, and always looking for a challenge.

What do you dig most about design work?

I really like the variety of work that design creates. I love looking for inspiration and finding countless solutions to the same design problem. Most of all I love that design builds upon itself and inspiration I gather from one area of design can be translated into others pieces that I create.

What would be your dream job?

My dream job would be a small company that values its employees as much as its customers. I’d be involved in a variety of different projects and I’d be able to get off the computer frequently to create hands on art and design as much as on screen design.

Now the important questions:

What’s your spirit wind?

I’m definitely a gentle breeze. I’m calm and quiet and I’ll never be the loudest in the room.
*Check back in a few months after his internship with New Ground—he may be a strong gust by then.

How do you understand the ocean?

The ocean is another entire planet right here on earth. We know so little about its true depth and the scope of animals that call it home, and unfortunately, we don’t treat it with the respect it deserves.

Word… word. That was the most real answer to what was intended to be a ridiculous question. Well, seems like Patrick is right on course to change the world. He is full of positivity, hope, and motivation to make the most of each day. He brings an awesome energy to our office and we are stoked to have him here as a part of our team. Best case scenario: We all learn from each other and end up more skilled and knowledgeable than before our encounter. Worst case scenario: He starts to swear like a pirate and is the loudest voice in the room…. But would that really be so bad?

We are down for it all. Here is to learning together. Welcome, Patrick.

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