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At New Ground Creative, we value taking the time to get to know our clients as well as reflect back to them our observations from outside. We don’t pretend to know them better than they know themselves but we can assist in their process of self-reflection. Same goes for the audiences we, and our clients, serve. Giving these individuals a voice—an opportunity to express themselves—offers valuable information and insights to any business. For the audience, customer, or consumer—it feels good to be heard and that’s a great start to any relationship.

So let’s listen up.

Respectful, mutually beneficial relationships. Sounds wonderful, right? Alex Fischer, local millennial, prioritizes the bulk of their life choices around maintaining healthy relationships, especially when money is involved. They spend some of their hard-earned money on locally grown, organic food and they also trade working hours. Their money goes to people they know and the local economy. Alex enjoys being a part of an exchange that benefits all involved equally, i.e. the farmer needs money or help to keep farming and Alex needs food to stay healthy and nourished.


Alex at their desk at the ROOT Social Justice Center in Brattleboro. Photo by Biz Hallett.

Alex Fischer is a co-founding collective member of the ROOT Social Justice Center in Brattleboro, a collectively-run community space fostering social justice organizing and focusing on racial justice work that empowers and lifts up the voices of people of color. Alex also owns a business, Open Bookkeeping, offering professional bookkeeping, education & workshops, holistic business consulting and other financial services to justice-based businesses and organizations. Alex describes their business as “an endeavor at the intersection of finance and social justice.”fischer3_62

“Security for me involves the ability to be giving a lot back.”

A sense of security starts with a sense of place and home for Alex. Buying property with others stands at the top of Alex’s 5-year goals which, in turn, serves as the foundation for a 10-year goal of fostering queer and trans youth, along with having a dog… or 5. Alex plans to maintain an income that allows them to pay a mortgage as well as maintain daily living expenses. It is also their intention to save, perhaps by way of a retirement account with their local credit union, so that they can plan for the future and afford to be generous with their money.
Taking steps to create the life you want, making difficult choices and recognizing that no one else is going to take action for you is the real truth of “adulting.” Whether you are a millennial or not, remember that transition into adulthood? It’s a challenging one and sometimes requires incentive and rewards to be executed with success. This difficulty is not the result of laziness but has more to do with the fact that it just sort of happens… all of a sudden… out of nowhere.

“I was younger and it was all Yay! Party time!—making friends—doing ridiculous things—having adventures. Now it’s like—making family and having babies and building careers and buying homes and I’m totally down with it—it’s just fielding the expectations while trying to stay true to myself and my ability to decide what matters to me.”

Want to crack the mystery of millennials? I think their desire to be who they are and wield the strength to decide for themselves what matters is a part of it. This generation has brought about an entirely different approach to marketing and brand. Not only are the approaches largely digital now, but the idea that you can persuade someone to buy what you have to sell is gone. Time to believe in the customer first. Understand what they need. And then follow through by offering what you think they could use in the context of a respectful and mutually beneficial relationship. It all starts with listening.

Stay tuned for our next blog post! We will explore integrity in marketing and get to know local millennial, Evan Morse.

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Color Me Bad(d)

colorsIf you get that reference, chances are you are older than 30 or have a strong propensity toward early ’90’s R&B. Either way, no judgement. Moving on.

Everything we see, smell, hear or touch gives us a reaction. Sometimes we are highly aware of what that reaction is, say when you smell baking cookies . . . But other reactions aren’t obvious to us. We aren’t aware that while our conscious mind isn’t affected, our subconscious one is.

That is something we pay close attention to when designing. There are many implications to shapes, straight or curved lines, and even the way paper feels in your hand. In this post, however, we will be talking about color.

Have you ever wondered why fast food restaurants almost all use the color red? Red signifies a lot of things: passion, rage, warmth, loudness, but it also has an actual affect on your physiology. It makes you hungry!

What about spas? Ever notice how much green is used in logos for this field of work? Soft green has a calming feeling to our psyches.

Part of our research when we have a new client is we ask them to give us adjectives that describe how they want to be perceived. So if a client says bold, fun, creative we would choose colors that brought that out in a person. If they say prestigious, reliable, knowledgeable, that would incur a completely different set of colors.

An easy mistake one can make when creating a brand is choosing colors solely based on preference. This only means that the one person who is designing is arbitrarily picking colors off what they like rather than making an informed choice on a look that will appeal to the correct audience.

Start taking a look around. See what colors a company chooses to incorporate in their logo and materials and then see if how those colors make you feel aligns with how they are trying be. Hopefully, if done right, it will resonate.

What’s in a Name?

The right name will be timeless, tireless, easy to say and remember, stands for something, and allows for future growth.

The right name will be timeless, tireless, easy to say and remember, stands for
something, and allows for future growth.

Background questions to consider

  1. Think about your current name: What about it is working? What isn’t working? What is your purpose in changing it?
  2. Think about your company or product: What does your company or product do? Why does it matter? Who are your audiences (Primary, secondary, tertiary)? What is your company or product’s personality?
  3. Think about your audience: How are they finding you?
  4. If a brief name will be more easily remembered and used, what are the essential words to be included? What can be sacrificed for the sake of brevity?

Qualities of an effective name

  • Meaningful: It communicates something about the essence of your organization
  • Distinctive: It is unique, easy to remember, pronounce, and spell.
  • Future Oriented: It anticipates an organization’s growth and change.
  • Positive: It has positive connotations and no strong negatives. (Including initials.)
  • Visual: It lends itself well to graphic presentation in a logo and on a website.

Medicine for the People

New ground branding, design, marketing for Medicine for the People

WoodwardDesign has been working with a great new client on their rebranding. Medicine for the People got in touch with us a few months back looking for a new identity and website. Not only are they providing great services and classes, but they are fun people to work with and have a clear vision for who they are and what they are about.

They already had a tagline—Healthy body, Happy heart—that provided us creative types with lots of concept ideas.  Their mission is “to empower people in their healing process using the art of natural and traditional medicine.” Much of their work is Asian influenced so they were interested in using the color red in their logo and on their website.

As always, we showed several concepts, all touching on something that pertained to who they are, what they do and their mission. You can see the one they selected above. It symbolizes the layers they break through in the body to reach a happy and healthy heart. It also shows that they target their clients’ specific needs in order to help them get better.

medicine-for-the-people-website-designOnce the logo was finalized we got to work on their website, We showed two concepts and the winner really reflects their physical space in Putney: cozy and inviting.

What they did really well was incorporate their brand into their space. They just moved into a beautiful new location and took the color palette right through the whole design.

If you live in the Brattleboro/Putney area you should go to their grand opening this Saturday, November 17 from 4–9 pm. There will be a DJ, refreshments, dancing, raffles and prizes. They are located at 125 Main Street, Putney, Vermont behind the Town Hall. Hope to see you there!

Not just for design geeks

WoodwardDesign is known for our great relationships with our clients, easy-going atmosphere and high quality work. We take our job very seriously when it comes to designing high-quality logos, print materials and websites. But every once-in-awhile we like to take a minute and laugh. provides just that.

It’s a website that collects images from all over that have been Photoshopped in such a ridiculous way that it can’t be ignored. Even if you aren’t a designer, you have to appreciate the stupidity of these images. Below are a few gems.

With concealer like that, who needs plastic surgery? Just mush your face around until you like it.










What in the world were they Photoshopping for this to even happen?















Must have been some reconstructive mishap from a motorcycle accident . . . .















It is so important to pay attention to detail. Even though these images and website provides hours of entertainment, you don’t want your work showing up here.

For a good laugh visit and for great design work visit