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Does Paper Really Matter?

What you desire from your paper.

You could have an award-winning design, but if the paper choice is wrong, it could ruin the whole thing.

Not all paper is created equal. Nor are there only the choices of, white or off-white. There are many different kinds of papers, finishes, degrees of environmentally conscious, varnishes, shades, textures and the list goes on.

Say you are a photographer and you are creating a brochure to highlight your work. The choice of paper would be very important.

Depending on the mood of your photography would depend on the paper tint you would choose. If a white stock has a slight yellow cast to the paper, it will cause photos to appear warm. The opposite goes if the sheet is running on the blue side.

Having a new sheet, or virgin sheet, might be important. This is a paper that has no recycled material in it and has never been used before. The reason we say you might want to use that is because recycled and post-consumer stocks can contain flecks in the paper from the recycling process. A photographer may find this upsetting to his photos if a piece of matter is in picture where it shouldn’t be.

Then comes the question of matte, gloss, or uncoated paper. For a photographer, I would most likely choose a gloss or satin finish to a paper. The reason being, this kind of finish holds the ink on the surface. Allows the colors to and photos to shine. If you go with an uncoated stock the ink sinks into the paper creating a softer and muted look. While that can be desirable for many jobs, a photographer would want their photos to show as clearly as possible.

What kind of presence do you want? Do you want the stock to be heavy and substantial? Do you want it light and delicate? This is where the decision of paperweight comes in. Another thing to think about if the piece is being mailed. The weight of the overall piece affects mailing cost and you have to factor that in when choosing a weight.

Are you overwhelmed yet? Because we could keep going. No need to be if you are. There are many things to think about just in paper choice when designing a printed piece, but once you decide what kind of design you are going for, the feeling, look, need, you can start to check off what you desire from your paper.

Not just for design geeks

WoodwardDesign is known for our great relationships with our clients, easy-going atmosphere and high quality work. We take our job very seriously when it comes to designing high-quality logos, print materials and websites. But every once-in-awhile we like to take a minute and laugh. provides just that.

It’s a website that collects images from all over that have been Photoshopped in such a ridiculous way that it can’t be ignored. Even if you aren’t a designer, you have to appreciate the stupidity of these images. Below are a few gems.

With concealer like that, who needs plastic surgery? Just mush your face around until you like it.










What in the world were they Photoshopping for this to even happen?















Must have been some reconstructive mishap from a motorcycle accident . . . .















It is so important to pay attention to detail. Even though these images and website provides hours of entertainment, you don’t want your work showing up here.

For a good laugh visit and for great design work visit


We strive for Plan A!

New Ground strives to work on Plan A every day.How do you want to fill your time? What have you always wanted to be doing? Will you spend time working on Plan A or Plan B?

WoodwardDesign strives to work on Plan A every day. We are blessed to work with such wonderful clients that keep us inspired to create new innovative designs. We love our job!

This summer we have some great Plan A adventures coming up. Jeff is traveling to Alaska with family and will be taking lots of photos. Falyn is planning on being outdoors more—riding her new bike, hiking, and gardening (without getting lyme disease). Carrie’s Plan A for the summer is eating a lot of ice cream…one of her favorite places to get ice cream is The Blueberry Haus in Guilford, VT. 32 Plan A Favors! Carrie’s current favorites: Chocolate Chip Cookie Monster and Blackberry Chocolate Chip.

What’s your Plan A?

The Type of Type is Important

Type has a personality all its own.There are many aspects to graphic and web design, and we here at Woodward Design is sensitive to all of these. Every single one. Color, size, shape, photography and typography. Yes, I tell you, typography. Type has a personality all its own.

This is helpful because our clients have personalities all their own as well. Well, most of them. I can think of one who has absolutely no personality at all. That aside, if you take a look at our portfolio you will see a wide variety of clients and type used. The font used for North Hartland Tool is much different than Senior Solutions because their audiences are different.

A thick font gives a strong presence whereas a cursive font expresses a softer feel. When we design a logo, brochure, website or ad we think about what the message is and what our client is intending their audience to understand. Our job is to pull all the design elements together to get that message across visually. That way, on first look, the audience will get a feeling before they even dive into the content.

Add other elements like color and scale and you are on your way to telling a visual story. You just need to have the knowledge, and luckily for the people in Brattleboro’s surrounding area (and beyond) we do!

We Graduated

It is back to school time and for the students going back to Marlboro College Graduate Center, things have changed.

It is no longer the Graduate Center but the Graduate School. And, with a new name comes a new look.

We worked with a wonderful team on the school’s rebranding process. After a thorough research process, including focus groups with various audiences, conversations with a number of stakeholders, and competitor research, we presented a design direction brief based on all that we’d learned.

We discovered that it was important for the Graduate School to be connected with the better-known undergraduate school, Marlboro College, but to have its own identity. We considered several ways of doing this—font usage, color choice, and variations of the undergraduate logo. We decided to use the same font for the words Marlboro College as the undergraduate uses, use a san serif font that is used in the undergraduate viewbook (we were also able to design that!), and use a similar color palette.

This provided the connection we wanted. Then it was time to create a mark that was strictly for the Graduate School. We presented about 10 options and two rose to the top. After careful consideration they selected the finalist.

The logo represents both the undergraduate and graduate schools. The small house on the left symbolizes the undergraduate campus, and the large building on the right indicates the Graduate School building in downtown Brattleboro. It can also be interpreted as “graduating” from one school to the next, or even taking the next step in your life. How do you interpret it?

Once we were finished with the logo process, it was time to give the logo a home. We proceeded to layout their business cards, letterhead, envelopes, marketing brochures, and trade show booth. We also were able to give it a home where many people world-wide would be able to view it.

We designed their new website. This also involved a lot of research into usability and functionality with a number of user audiences. The end result is a visually beautiful site that is logically organized and easy to navigate. What a great opportunity to work on such a fun project for a wonderful school!

Check it out!

Let’s Integrate

Hello again!

We have been working hard on a number of projects and this particular one is really exciting to share.

For over a year we’ve been working with a renewable energy company called Integrated Solar here in Brattleboro, Vermont. They are fun to work with and we believe in what they are doing.

This is the logo we created for them when we first started our relationship. It symbolizes renewing, recycling, and the elements. They design and install all kinds of renewable energy systems and needed something that illustrated that.

We also designed icons for the systems that they offer. This helps further their brand recognizability and provides the customer with a visual for what the system is.

But this, this is the new and exciting project that we just finished! It is the Integrated Solar website. We incorporated their icons and color palette into a fun and usable sight. Check it out!