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Color Me Bad(d)

colorsIf you get that reference, chances are you are older than 30 or have a strong propensity toward early ’90’s R&B. Either way, no judgement. Moving on.

Everything we see, smell, hear or touch gives us a reaction. Sometimes we are highly aware of what that reaction is, say when you smell baking cookies . . . But other reactions aren’t obvious to us. We aren’t aware that while our conscious mind isn’t affected, our subconscious one is.

That is something we pay close attention to when designing. There are many implications to shapes, straight or curved lines, and even the way paper feels in your hand. In this post, however, we will be talking about color.

Have you ever wondered why fast food restaurants almost all use the color red? Red signifies a lot of things: passion, rage, warmth, loudness, but it also has an actual affect on your physiology. It makes you hungry!

What about spas? Ever notice how much green is used in logos for this field of work? Soft green has a calming feeling to our psyches.

Part of our research when we have a new client is we ask them to give us adjectives that describe how they want to be perceived. So if a client says bold, fun, creative we would choose colors that brought that out in a person. If they say prestigious, reliable, knowledgeable, that would incur a completely different set of colors.

An easy mistake one can make when creating a brand is choosing colors solely based on preference. This only means that the one person who is designing is arbitrarily picking colors off what they like rather than making an informed choice on a look that will appeal to the correct audience.

Start taking a look around. See what colors a company chooses to incorporate in their logo and materials and then see if how those colors make you feel aligns with how they are trying be. Hopefully, if done right, it will resonate.

Our New Face Represents New Ground

Branding, Design, Messaging

It was a year as of March 2015 that Woodward Design became New Ground Creative and it’s been an exciting ride. As our staff and capabilities have expanded, our business has grown tremendously. This has given us the tools to aggressively take NEW GROUND (you get it now, right?). We are no longer strictly a design house, but a marketing firm that specializes in design, branding, and messaging. Branching out into the greater world of marketing has been pretty awesome. And as our business grew, so did our website.

Our new website represents the new face of New Ground Creative. Don’t get us wrong, our old site wasn’t bad—it was great—but we had outgrown it. Solidifying who we are has been exciting and because of that we wanted to share our message in a way that better represents who we have become.

The importance of a user-friendly, informative, and beautifully designed website can’t be stressed enough. According to IronPaper, 94% of people admit that design is the reason they reject or mistrust a website (that sure is a lot…). They also found that 67% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a website that is compatible with mobile devices. With those odds, who can afford to have a sluggish, poorly designed website?

New Ground Creative has been building brands for over 20 years. We’ve brought invaluable solutions into existence for non-profits, businesses, and institutions (sorry, we ran out of humble pie). Our collaborative approach involves our entire group (where everyone takes turns leading and following), our exceptional clients, and the team of highly trained monkeys Google keeps dispatching to deal with situations. YUP, THAT’S RIGHT. Alright, maybe not the last part.

Ok, we’ll stop bragging and leave you with this thought—Do you truly believe your message is communicated properly? Is your website designed in a way that is trustworthy, visually appealing, and effective? If you answered no to any of those, give us a buzz and let us help you with that. We’ve been through the process not only with many organizations but with ourselves. We kind of know what we are doing.

Try Creating and See What Happens.

We are ready to make something from within ourselves that we can express outside ourselves.Remember when you were a kid and an adult, whether it was a teacher, your mom, or a babysitter, would draw squiggly lines on a piece of paper and give it to you with crayons to fill in the circles? Please tell me you do and that isn’t just something that existed in our little worlds.

Anyways, the point here is that we were creating something out of nothing. It was a simple project (maybe to only occupy us into silence) that in the end gave our young minds a sense of accomplishment and creativity.

These days, our clients are the ones giving us a creative problem to solve. How do we reflect who their company is with an image? How do we fit all that copy into an attractive and easy to read format? What structure would best serve their website? This is our modern day “filling in the circles.”

Sometimes, however, we need to create off the computer. Something with our hands. Something that uses a different kind of creativity. And sometimes we don’t even know what it might be when we start.

Carrie loves to sing and play guitar. That is an outlet that opens up a different way of being inspired. She also writes music. You can’t get more creatively raw then when you sing and play a song you have written.

Falyn finds solace in the medium of charcoal. Starting with a blank sheet, and covering it with black to form an image that is unique to her is a rewarding experience.

When we start, either with a pen or piece of charcoal in hand, we don’t necessarily know where the journey is going to take us. All we know is we are ready to make something from within ourselves that we can express outside ourselves.

We suggest you try it.

Four Cool Things!

Cool stuff that is going on in the Brattleboro area right nowWoodward Design thought it would be fun to tell you about cool stuff that is going on in the Brattleboro area right now, or neat things we have recently stumbled upon. No, no, we aren’t including ourselves as two of the cool things. You probably wouldn’t continue to read if we did anyways.

The Women’s Film Festival is going on right now and Carrie went to see a couple of the films. We spent an entire lunch talking about how well done they were, how powerful the messages are, and how much the stories impacted the audience. It is running through March 17, at the New England Youth Theatre in Brattleboro. If you get a chance, check it out!

The Stray Birds are playing at the Hooker-Dunham Theater & Gallery March 14. They are an amazing acoustic band with a folk flavor. If you are into that kind of music this is a show to see. The tickets are $16 for general admission and $14 for students and seniors. Their debut cd was named one of the top 10 Folk/Americana albums of 2012 by National Public Radio. . . . so, yeah.

We are design geeks. Comes with the territory of being designers. Oh, you are going to be a graphic designer? Then you will automatically find little chips of colored paper, with an acronym of PMS, that more describes a woman’s monthly nightmare than a color, VERY interesting. Hence, our love of Pantone color books, chips, swatches etc. That meant when we found David Schwen’s Pantone Pairings, we couldn’t contain ourselves. Funny, brilliant and right up any designer’s alley.

The Memoir Project is where 500 people sign up to hand write in a book about their life or a moment in time. Where people share something about themselves that will forever be kept with other’s snapshot of life. The books will travel around in a mobile library until they reach their permanent home at the Brooklyn Art Library. If you are near Brooklyn, San Francisco, or D.C. I would look into being apart of that. There are only a couple spots left.

What cool things have you found lately?

What Inspires Us?

So many things in the world can inspire us.Ever listen to a song and get completely transported to a different time? Maybe it is a moment from your childhood, or maybe it is just a feeling that washes over you, and it changes your mood in an instant.

Is there a person that whenever you are around them, your whole world becomes electrified? The sky is a more vivid blue and the birds are alarmingly more joyful.

When you get home from a long day at work and put on your favorite sweatshirt, do you become immediately relaxed?

I hope you answered yes to at least one of these questions; otherwise you are sitting there saying what are the kids at Woodward Design ON?

But, seriously, we are affected by our surroundings. Everything affects us, even if we aren’t aware of it. The smallest change can lift us up or bring us down.

Being designers we have to be more alert to what is happening around us. That is how we stay current, keep on top of the next thing and continue to have audiences engaged in what we are doing. Because of this heightened sense, so many things in the world can inspire us.

Of course we are in awe of other designer’s work. We flip through Communication Arts pointing, laughing, sighing, and moaning about all the work we wish we had come up with. But, inspiration doesn’t come just from other’s ideas.

A crack in an old building, an elderly couple holding hands, steam from a coffee cup, and the list goes on. Anything can spark an idea, an emotion, a thought, and a feeling that can lead to the creation of work. You just have to be open to accepting the world around, in, so that it can translate itself, out.

Everything, is the answer. Broad, overwhelming and completely exciting.

Who is Woodward Design: Falyn

Falyn is the art director at New groundFalyn has been with Woodward Design for seven years. She loves what she does and the people she gets to work with. The variety of clients, the myriad of jobs and the fun atmosphere makes her want to come to work every day.

She is a native to the Brattleboro area and moved back here after getting her BFA at The Art Institute of Boston. She couldn’t stay away from her family, friends, and the fresh air.

When Falyn isn’t designing, she is reading, taking a spin class, lying on the beach, watching movies, spending time with her loved ones, snuggling with her kitty, or adding to her jewelry collection.

The reason she loves design is because she believes she is helping people’s eyeballs. That is right, eyeballs. Since everything in this world needs to be designed, her philosophy is why not have it be designed well. Function and beauty are achievable and that is what she wants to put out into the world, something that does its job well and looks good while doing it.

Medicine for the People

New ground branding, design, marketing for Medicine for the People

WoodwardDesign has been working with a great new client on their rebranding. Medicine for the People got in touch with us a few months back looking for a new identity and website. Not only are they providing great services and classes, but they are fun people to work with and have a clear vision for who they are and what they are about.

They already had a tagline—Healthy body, Happy heart—that provided us creative types with lots of concept ideas.  Their mission is “to empower people in their healing process using the art of natural and traditional medicine.” Much of their work is Asian influenced so they were interested in using the color red in their logo and on their website.

As always, we showed several concepts, all touching on something that pertained to who they are, what they do and their mission. You can see the one they selected above. It symbolizes the layers they break through in the body to reach a happy and healthy heart. It also shows that they target their clients’ specific needs in order to help them get better.

medicine-for-the-people-website-designOnce the logo was finalized we got to work on their website, We showed two concepts and the winner really reflects their physical space in Putney: cozy and inviting.

What they did really well was incorporate their brand into their space. They just moved into a beautiful new location and took the color palette right through the whole design.

If you live in the Brattleboro/Putney area you should go to their grand opening this Saturday, November 17 from 4–9 pm. There will be a DJ, refreshments, dancing, raffles and prizes. They are located at 125 Main Street, Putney, Vermont behind the Town Hall. Hope to see you there!

Not just for design geeks

WoodwardDesign is known for our great relationships with our clients, easy-going atmosphere and high quality work. We take our job very seriously when it comes to designing high-quality logos, print materials and websites. But every once-in-awhile we like to take a minute and laugh. provides just that.

It’s a website that collects images from all over that have been Photoshopped in such a ridiculous way that it can’t be ignored. Even if you aren’t a designer, you have to appreciate the stupidity of these images. Below are a few gems.

With concealer like that, who needs plastic surgery? Just mush your face around until you like it.










What in the world were they Photoshopping for this to even happen?















Must have been some reconstructive mishap from a motorcycle accident . . . .















It is so important to pay attention to detail. Even though these images and website provides hours of entertainment, you don’t want your work showing up here.

For a good laugh visit and for great design work visit


The Type of Type is Important

Type has a personality all its own.There are many aspects to graphic and web design, and we here at Woodward Design is sensitive to all of these. Every single one. Color, size, shape, photography and typography. Yes, I tell you, typography. Type has a personality all its own.

This is helpful because our clients have personalities all their own as well. Well, most of them. I can think of one who has absolutely no personality at all. That aside, if you take a look at our portfolio you will see a wide variety of clients and type used. The font used for North Hartland Tool is much different than Senior Solutions because their audiences are different.

A thick font gives a strong presence whereas a cursive font expresses a softer feel. When we design a logo, brochure, website or ad we think about what the message is and what our client is intending their audience to understand. Our job is to pull all the design elements together to get that message across visually. That way, on first look, the audience will get a feeling before they even dive into the content.

Add other elements like color and scale and you are on your way to telling a visual story. You just need to have the knowledge, and luckily for the people in Brattleboro’s surrounding area (and beyond) we do!

We Have Every Piece To The Design Puzzle

Recently we teamed up with the Council on Aging in Springfield, Vermont to help them with a new brand. We helped them with the naming process, logo and website.

Their new name is Senior Solutions and they are a great organization that provides social services to people 60 years and older, their caregivers and families.

One of the things that makes us fun and easy to work with is that we have the diversity of abilities and experience to take on every aspect of a project—the naming, marketing plan, logo and print design, website design and programming, as well as the photography.

Check out to see all that they do and their new logo and website!