New Ground OfficesFrom I-91: Take I-91 to Exit 2. Regardless of direction, take a left as you come off the highway. You are now heading downtown on Western Avenue. The only point of potential confusion is, after you pass a park on your right (Crowell’s Lot), Western Avenue bears left but Green St. continues straight ahead—stay on Western. At the bottom of the next hill, there is a four-way stop. It is a good idea to stop here. Go straight through the four-way stop (after stopping) and you’ll soon start to head down a steep hill. 40 feet past the crest of the hill but well before the traffic light in sight, you’ll want to take your first left: a parking lot. This is a pay-and-display lot (sorry).

You’ll now follow the sidewalk down the hill to the intersection. Cross the street heading in the same direction and take a right. After passing the narrow alley on your left, you’ll see Gallery in the Woods, a record store and an antique jewelry shop. The next thing you’ll see on your left is a large green door with 139 on the glass. Come in, go up the stairs and turn right and go up the next set of stairs. We’re directly in front of you at the top of the stairs.

We often have the door closed but you are definitely welcome so just give it a little knock and come right in.