New Ground Creative Process MeetWe want to meet (by phone or in-person) to discuss your expectations, goals, audiences, current brand, tone, and potential needs. We have a list of questions to guide the conversation but it’s best if you come with ideas, concerns and questions about any part of the process.
New Ground Creative Process ResearchWe want to look at both your current marketing, your competition and any organizations you think are groovy. We'll also do some broad research on your sector/industry to find out what drives it and what are its biggest pressures. This way, we have a “big picture” of the universe around you.
New Ground Creative Process ConceptWe’ll now start to create your agreed-upon number of concepts. When we indicate one, two or three concepts for you, those are the ones that are refined enough to potentially meet your needs—not the only ones we make. A lot of work ends up on the proverbial “cutting room floor.” Such a pity.
New Ground Creative Process FeedbackWe’ll present the concept(s) and have you tell us what you think. This is essential so here’s a note about critique vs. criticism. Critique is communicating what you like and dislike in the interest of helping something to become better. Criticism is, “I think it’s dumb. You suck.”
New Ground Creative Process RefineWith your wonderful feedback in our pockets, we will go back to incorporate those pieces and then make sure that it all still works. Good design is about attractiveness but it’s also about logic so we don’t want to make one change without making sure that it hasn’t adversely affected the whole.
New Ground Creative Process PresentWhen we finish perfecting your design, we will swaddle it, give it a tiny smooch, and present you with your new brand element. We love each of them and it’s tough to give them away but we know that it’s going to a great home with people who love it and will nurture it to a long and lovely life.