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At New Ground Creative, we value taking the time to get to know our clients as well as reflect back to them our observations from outside. We don’t pretend to know them better than they know themselves but we can assist in their process of self-reflection. Same goes for the audiences we, and our clients, serve. Giving these individuals a voice—an opportunity to express themselves—offers valuable information and insights to any business. For the audience, customer, or consumer—it feels good to be heard and that’s a great start to any relationship.

So let’s listen up.

Respectful, mutually beneficial relationships. Sounds wonderful, right? Alex Fischer, local millennial, prioritizes the bulk of their life choices around maintaining healthy relationships, especially when money is involved. They spend some of their hard-earned money on locally grown, organic food and they also trade working hours. Their money goes to people they know and the local economy. Alex enjoys being a part of an exchange that benefits all involved equally, i.e. the farmer needs money or help to keep farming and Alex needs food to stay healthy and nourished.


Alex at their desk at the ROOT Social Justice Center in Brattleboro. Photo by Biz Hallett.

Alex Fischer is a co-founding collective member of the ROOT Social Justice Center in Brattleboro, a collectively-run community space fostering social justice organizing and focusing on racial justice work that empowers and lifts up the voices of people of color. Alex also owns a business, Open Bookkeeping, offering professional bookkeeping, education & workshops, holistic business consulting and other financial services to justice-based businesses and organizations. Alex describes their business as “an endeavor at the intersection of finance and social justice.”fischer3_62

“Security for me involves the ability to be giving a lot back.”

A sense of security starts with a sense of place and home for Alex. Buying property with others stands at the top of Alex’s 5-year goals which, in turn, serves as the foundation for a 10-year goal of fostering queer and trans youth, along with having a dog… or 5. Alex plans to maintain an income that allows them to pay a mortgage as well as maintain daily living expenses. It is also their intention to save, perhaps by way of a retirement account with their local credit union, so that they can plan for the future and afford to be generous with their money.
Taking steps to create the life you want, making difficult choices and recognizing that no one else is going to take action for you is the real truth of “adulting.” Whether you are a millennial or not, remember that transition into adulthood? It’s a challenging one and sometimes requires incentive and rewards to be executed with success. This difficulty is not the result of laziness but has more to do with the fact that it just sort of happens… all of a sudden… out of nowhere.

“I was younger and it was all Yay! Party time!—making friends—doing ridiculous things—having adventures. Now it’s like—making family and having babies and building careers and buying homes and I’m totally down with it—it’s just fielding the expectations while trying to stay true to myself and my ability to decide what matters to me.”

Want to crack the mystery of millennials? I think their desire to be who they are and wield the strength to decide for themselves what matters is a part of it. This generation has brought about an entirely different approach to marketing and brand. Not only are the approaches largely digital now, but the idea that you can persuade someone to buy what you have to sell is gone. Time to believe in the customer first. Understand what they need. And then follow through by offering what you think they could use in the context of a respectful and mutually beneficial relationship. It all starts with listening.

Stay tuned for our next blog post! We will explore integrity in marketing and get to know local millennial, Evan Morse.

Also be sure to check out Biz’s new website millenniology.com to read the full stories of millennials living and working in and around Brattleboro.

Our New Face Represents New Ground

Branding, Design, Messaging

It was a year as of March 2015 that Woodward Design became New Ground Creative and it’s been an exciting ride. As our staff and capabilities have expanded, our business has grown tremendously. This has given us the tools to aggressively take NEW GROUND (you get it now, right?). We are no longer strictly a design house, but a marketing firm that specializes in design, branding, and messaging. Branching out into the greater world of marketing has been pretty awesome. And as our business grew, so did our website.

Our new website represents the new face of New Ground Creative. Don’t get us wrong, our old site wasn’t bad—it was great—but we had outgrown it. Solidifying who we are has been exciting and because of that we wanted to share our message in a way that better represents who we have become.

The importance of a user-friendly, informative, and beautifully designed website can’t be stressed enough. According to IronPaper, 94% of people admit that design is the reason they reject or mistrust a website (that sure is a lot…). They also found that 67% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a website that is compatible with mobile devices. With those odds, who can afford to have a sluggish, poorly designed website?

New Ground Creative has been building brands for over 20 years. We’ve brought invaluable solutions into existence for non-profits, businesses, and institutions (sorry, we ran out of humble pie). Our collaborative approach involves our entire group (where everyone takes turns leading and following), our exceptional clients, and the team of highly trained monkeys Google keeps dispatching to deal with situations. YUP, THAT’S RIGHT. Alright, maybe not the last part.

Ok, we’ll stop bragging and leave you with this thought—Do you truly believe your message is communicated properly? Is your website designed in a way that is trustworthy, visually appealing, and effective? If you answered no to any of those, give us a buzz and let us help you with that. We’ve been through the process not only with many organizations but with ourselves. We kind of know what we are doing.

HOW Conference 2015

HOW-Conference-2015Carrie and Falyn went to the 2015 HOW Conference, while David and Joe stayed in the boring, dull office with jealousy in their hearts… I mean, we were so happy for them that they had the opportunity to partake in HOW (sigh).

Carrie introduced Laura Foley and Tom Tumbusch, two badasses, during their talk on Marketing Your Freelance Business. Which was nice because she got to plug New Ground to a room full of awesome.

HOW splits its sessions into different tracks, so Falyn got super-inspired by attending the creative lectures while Carrie spent most of her time in the business track—keeping up-to-date on the changing dynamics of our industry.

There were an abundance of AMAZING speakers, including Simon Sinek and Tina Roth Eisenberg. The level of encouragement, inspiration, and awesomeness present at the conference was nearly migraine-causing (but, like, in a good way).

HOW-Conference-2015-ChicagoNot only did the ladies return creatively rejuvenated, but they were able to relax and soak in the beautiful city of Chicago in their spare time (there may have been additional shenanigans). They were so excited to have made new connections and relationships with people from around the world that they only slightly minded coming back to Joe and David.

We at New Ground Creative look forward to continuing our involvement in the HOW Design Conference.

Will we see you next year? In case we did not have the opportunity to connect with you at the event, please reach out to us and say hello.