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A Lot Like Love…

Your eyes lock from across the room. A stranger and yet… you feel as though you know them. Or perhaps you have known them for years. The feeling of love is like a lightning bolt—in just a fifth-of-a-second chemicals release in your brain resulting in a euphoric feeling. You lean in as if your heart were literally taking the wheel. Your body surges, “I love it and I want more of it!” Let’s take a closer look at the process of falling in l-o-v-e, shall we?

Dopamine plays a role in our emotional responses, by lifting us up and motivating us to action. Ever hear the saying, “Love makes you do crazy things?” Yeah, that’s partly dopamine’s fault and watch out—dopey’s got a couple troublesome friends. Introducing norepinephrine and adrenaline. They release to give you a little push, keeping that pesky rational part of your brain from analyzing the potential risks of your choices. Your heart starts to race, you get a burst of energy, and you focus intensely as you click the button purchasing tickets to Mexico to spend a week with someone you collectively spent 8 hours with during your last vacation… oh… ummm…. Yeah a friend of mine did that once… anyway—moving on. Finally, oxytocin lowers anxiety and is released most often in response to physical touch, hence why it is sometimes referred to as “the cuddle drug.” You just want to be close to them (cue the romantic music) and by the end of this chemical tsunami you look like one of those heart eyed emojis.

😍 Yep that’s you, bud.

Okay now… let me throw something crazy out there… Is this similar to what happens when we experience a brand? Stay with me. What happens when we witness an image or a slogan? If we have prior knowledge or experience of the brand, mirror neurons fire in our brain sharing with us stored information from the past resulting in a positive or negative response. But what if we have never seen the brand before? The image or the messaging strikes our brains as new and in a very short period of time creates an immediate response. Some call this “judging a book by its cover” and it’s true; that action can result in not taking an opportunity to understand something in its entirety. Our brains are constantly processing information as quickly as possible to inform our choices in an effort to keep us safe. So what does a brand need in order to encourage an individual to keep looking beyond that first moment? And is it not unlike what it takes to keep that special someone engaged with you enough to build and maintain a relationship?

Remember those chemicals from before? Check this out.

Step # 1:

The combination of chemicals released creates such a pleasant feeling that we want more, i.e. ATTRACTION.

Step # 2:

Dopamine, norepinephrine, and adrenaline drive us forward to learn more, take risks, and plunge into an exploration of what could be beyond these initial feelings, i.e. CURIOSITY.

Step # 3:

“The cuddle drug,” oxytocin, helps up to saddle right up to our love and gaze into a future together. We feel as though we have arrived, we can finally relax, i.e. TRUST.

So you know… just make your brand wicked attractive, encourage potential clients to ask questions and eventually land their full and complete trust in you. No easy feat, we know. A tad daunting? Yep. That’s why we are here. Consider us your wingman. We will help you pick out an outfit, practice conversation topics, and support you in feeling confident in who you are because…


*thumbs up followed by finger guns*

Go get ‘em tiger! We got yo’ back!