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Groundworks Collaborative

Basic Needs With Dignity

When two awesome and venerable Brattleboro institutions, Morningside Shelter and Brattleboro Drop-in Center, officially merged they came to us to develop a name and logo for this new endeavor. Working with a leadership team of 7 joint stakeholders, we decided early on that we wanted to create a wholly new name. We decided upon Groundworks Collaborative by considering the firm ground to stand and grow from, adding in the sense of the work it requires to get beyond our circumstances, and bringing it together with the fact that everyone is there to help everyone else in a collaborative approach.

All of this figured into the logo as well—foundational building blocks and perspective-bending but stable hexagons in bright, optimistic colors. There is a sense of structure but individuality in the image. It also speaks to the fractal nature of hexagons in a hexagon being a connection to solving the individual and societal issue of poverty and homelessness.

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