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United Way of Windham County

The United Way of Windham County is, of course, part of United Way Worldwide—an amazing organization that identifies, vets, and supports local human-services organizations. Did you know, however, that each United Way is independent and that 98% of the money it raises stays in the community it serves? Neither did we! We worked with UWWC to create a theme for their work in 2015 and 2016: Lend HOPE a Hand. HOPE stands for Health, Opportunity, Prosperity, and Education—the foci of this organization. Building on that theme, we created messaging, materials and a video campaign that is engaging and educational in order to talk about all of the great things that UWWC does right here in our community, for our community, and with our community. Deliverables include: theme development, theme logo, brochure, audience-specific campaign letters, strategic messaging, and a video campaign.