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Youth Services

Local Nonprofit

For over 40 years, Youth Services in Brattleboro has been serving the families and young people in such vital areas as youth homelessness, family counseling, court diversion and youth mentorship. In that time, they have grown in capabilities and scope to be more than just a crisis intervention center, but also a facilitator of long-term individual and community transformation. They hired us to create a new logo, mission, vision, case statement, website and print materials. In their 40 years, they had grown to over a dozen programs that we needed to tie together in a way that spoke to each of their many audiences: donors, partners, staff, board and of course, clients.

We chose the letters Y and S for the basis of the logo, showing a “bigger” person and a “smaller” person who represent adolescents and children, parents and their kids, and the community and these clients in need. We also created language that could connect the stakeholders back to the greater mission and to each other. As we often say, “You can’t evangelize your clients if you haven’t evangelized your staff.” It’s been an immensely satisfying project to balance the history and depth of Youth Services with a new energy through this new brand.